New Boat Range

In & Outboard Marine is Darwin’s largest and most well stocked boating dealerships.

Boasting a quality product range by combining Yamaha Australia’s leading outboard brand to quality Quintrex boats, tough plate hull designs in the Bar Crusher fishing weapons and the outstanding Stabicraft range, we are certain we have the boat to fit your lifestyle.

For new boat sales and packages come and visit us at In & Outboard Marine in Darwin. Contact us today to discuss options and schedule a test ride!

Our Brands

As Australia’s largest and leading manufacturer of aluminium boats, Quintrex remains at the forefront of aluminium boat design. Our continuous research and development program led to the implementation of stretch-forming technology to first create the award winning Millennium Hull and Flared Bow and now the Millennium Blade Hull.  When you purchase a Quintrex you’re investing in endless days of fun.

Since its inception, Stabicraft® has been at war with the status quo – one-upping the industry standard at every turn. This pursuit for constant improvement has resulted in four generations of chambered hull designs, each demonstrating a dramatic evolution in performance and useability. Unparalleled stability is built into into every boat with the unique Aluminium Positive Buoyancy Chambers. 

Incorporating exclusive innovations such as the Waveslicer smooth-riding deep-V hull; Rigideck engineered sub-floor system; Quickflow water ballast technology; and the evolutionary Gen2 hull design with Delta Flare, Bar Crusher boats are renowned for their superior construction and performance. Every feature of every boat is designed for its performance, practicality, versatility and, importantly, durability.