“Reel Screamin – Yamaha keeps Perrrrrrring”

Checking out the awesome calm sunrise this morning at the boat ramp I bumped into IOM VIP Client Jarrod Godson – owner of Reel Screamin Barra Fishing.

Realising Jarrod’s F225 is now a few years old we started talking about his next future upgrade, as the conversation went on he started the big V6 F225 up & said Stewie, she’s still running like the first day we got her.

Whilst the Yammie was sitting there idling ever so smooth & quiet I happen to notice Jarrod’s hour metre, 5145 Hours on the clock and never missed a beat!!

This is the original motor fitted to Jarrod’s Custom Works Guide boat back in 2011 and not only does it run like new, it also looks awesome given its nine years exposure to our harsh Territory conditions.

I just wanted to share this, this is the info that all boat owners need to know, this is not a one off – we have many Yamaha Owners with the same experiences.

Call me Bias and Yes I have been accused of having Yamaha running through my veins but since starting out my career in 1985 I have never seen or experienced a more proven brand.

Happy boating everyone!
Stewart Zanker
IOM Director.