MotorGuide Xi5 Saltwater 55lb – 60″ Shaft

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MotorGuide Xi5 Saltwater Pinpoint GPS Wireless Trolling Motor takes Boat control to the next level with the ultra-precise Receiver and two digital compasses for best in class accuracy. MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS and the xi5 wireless Trolling motor work together to navigate your Boat, so you can focus on fishing.

Mounting base is made out of corrosion resistant anodised aluminium with a unique design that guides the motor into stowed position and keeps it secure
Ultra-precise Receiver with best in class GPS accuracy. Built in guide features such as Anchor, Heading Lock and Route allow you to focus on fishing instead of guiding your Boat.
Digital variable speed control for exceptional low-speed Trolling with smooth power delivery
Precision steering transmission Gear and low friction Bearing keep the motor quiet
Easy to use with LED indicators for battery and other key operational modes
Wireless Foot pedal (option) allows for quiet, accurate steering
Find out which motor best suites your needs with MotorGuide’s Motor Selector, checking through options such as water type, Boat type, Boat length and more.

MotorGuide Pinpoint GPS Navigational System is available on the new Xi5 wireless Trolling motor, delivering on-target location accuracy that enables anglers to precisely position their boats and achieve optimum Boat control. Through a compact, easy-to-use handheld remote, Pinpoint GPS enables anglers to move a Boat in 1.5m increments in any direction and store up to 8 locations when in ‘Achor’ mode.

Pinpoint GPS also features ‘Heading lock‘ and ‘cruise control‘ options to navigate the Boat to specific Compass headings while holding a constant speed against wind and Current. In its ‘route memory’ mode, Pinpoint GPS can store and recall up to 8 routes of 6.4km each.


Holds Boat position on a fixed GPS coordinate
Stores and recalls up to eight positions
While in Anchor mode, the directional controls can be used to move the Boat in 1.5m increments in any direction


While in Anchor mode, use the Jog feature to shift your position five feet in any direction. You can Jog as often as you want.
Heading Lock:

Navigates the Boat to a specific Compass heading

Record and playback up to eight routes up to 6.4km long each. Return and replay a stored route from anywhere.
Cruise Control:

Hold a GPS speed while navigating a Heading or route. System even makes adjustments for wind & Current.