F370 Outback Explorer

In & Outboard Marine – Darwin’s Quintrex Outback Explorer specialists.

The Quintrex Outback Explorer range provides quality, entry level boating options. A wide beam design, improved higher sides, sharper dead rise and boasting Quintrex’s Fighter hull offers superior stability on the move or at rest with an impressive, dry performance and an extremely comfortable ride.

The Outback Explorer hulls draw very minimal water and are a river fisherman’s dream when in those tight and shallow hot spots.

Technical Specification

  • Brand: Quintrex
  • Model: F370 Outback Explorer
  • Length: 3.75m
  • Width: 1.73m
  • Depth: .87m
  • Hull Bottom: 1.6mm
  • Hull Sides: 1.6mm
  • Hull Type: Aluminium
  • Max Horsepower: 20HP
  • Weight: 92KG
  • Shaft Length: Long Shaft (20 inch)