Bar Crusher 780 Fishing Weapon Delivery#2 for this week.

Calvin & Bill Deveraux were thrilled to receive their new Bar Crusher 780HTP this week. You should have seen their huge smiles during their on water handover with the Sales Team running through all the features of this super impressive rig.
The boys noted that there probably wasn’t enough room in the On-board Engle Fridge to satisfy their liquid refreshments, but otherwise it was absolutely perfect!!
The smooth F300XCA Yamaha from Yamaha outboards Australia powered this beast with ease and with 450L of fuel on board, it is primed for many long range adventures ahead.
In & Outboard Marine are your local NT Bar Crusher Dealer and we really do know these boats inside & out, if you like what you see please contact our Sales Team on 08 8924 0200 or [email protected]
Rumor has it there’s another 780HTP not too far away ?